Hall-effect switch drives lower voltage, deeper micropower and higher ESD

Concord, N.H.—Aimed at portable handsets, PDAs and personal entertainment devices, Melexis' MLX90248 New Generation micropower and omnipolar Hall-effect switch provides what the company says is the industry's lowest current consuming magnetic, contactless solid-state switching.

Previously specified down to 2.5V operating voltage, the MLX90248 New Generation requires 1.5V. Suitable for existing 3V applications, the MLX90248 can now address the growing number of 1.8V applications. Additionally the MLX90248 New Generation offers increased protection against ESD up to 8kV, safeguarding the IC within its production environment and operation.

The MLX90248 New Generation provides a 50% power reduction in the average IC, typically consuming 5mA at 3V, versus 10mA consumed by earlier versions. At even lower voltages, the IC exhibits the industry's lowest current consumption: 3mA at 1.5V, or less than 5mW, according to Melexis.

Pricing: The MLX90248ESE and MLX90248ELD are respectively value priced at Euro 0.131 and 0.141 in OEM quantities.
Availability: In the industry standard TSOT package (MLX90248ESE) and in a 2 x 1.5mm ultra-thin 0.4mm CSP package (MLX90248ELD).

Datasheet: Click here.


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