Handheld test set targets radio field tests

Aeroflex introduces the 3500A, a powerful and rugged 1GHz hand-held radio test set weighing less than 3.7kg. With a new cast magnesium alloy case, the Aeroflex 3500A weighs almost 0.5kg less than its predecessor, the Aeroflex 3500. The Aeroflex 3500A includes testing capabilities for AM and FM radio systems including power measurements, RSSI, frequency error, FM deviation, AM modulation index, SINAD, distortion and AF level. Optionally, the Aeroflex 3500A supports a single-channel scope and a spectrum analyzer for extended testing. The Aeroflex 3500A is P25 ready for support of P25 testing as additional features are added, and is MIL-28800F Class II certified.

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