Hardware specs needed for Auto PC

The Auto PC must include hardware-a processor and memory-capable of executing the many appli-cations planned for it. Baseline specifications include:

  • High-res eight-color screen (256 x 64 pixels, 3-bit color)
  • A 60-Mips processor running Windows CE 2.0
  • Minimum 8 Mbytes each of RAM and ROM
  • AM/FM tuner
  • CD player/CD-ROM drive for data, program and music disks
  • Microphone for speech recognition
  • On/off key, start key for easy one-touch operation, help key for user instructions and three optional keys specified by manufacturer
  • Volume-control and system-navigation keys
  • Numeric keypad for radio-station presets, short-cuts and optional cellular-phone dialing
  • Serial port and Universal Serial Bus (USB) for optional peripheral devices
  • Four- or optional six- channel preamp music output
  • Infrared port (IrDA) for communicating with other devices
  • CompactFlash slot for memory and wireless cards

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