HD transcoding platform improves speed and reduces cost

RapidMind and Masstech Group announced Masstech's unique transcoding technology which, combined with RapidMind's Multi-Core Development Platform, fully leverages multi-core processors and accelerators providing vast improvements in speed and cost for video transcoding. This technology, which combines Masstech's transformation software MassTransIt with the use of the RapidMind platform, is part of the growing trend of broadcasters using off-the-shelf hardware instead of traditionally premium-priced proprietary equipment.

“Masstech Group is a well respected provider of innovative solutions to the broadcast industry, and we are very pleased to be helping them raise the bar in their industry,” said Ray DePaul, president and CEO of RapidMind. “Multi-core processing has allowed Masstech to gain a competitive advantage by drastically increasing speed while at the same time driving down costs. Broadcasters are ready to take advantage of the higher-performing processors, and vendors who do not help them do this will be left behind.”

“Not only did the RapidMind platform make it possible for us to migrate our technology to the fastest hardware available, but RapidMind was a tremendous source of support and knowledge on how to best leverage these new processors,” said Sudy Shen, president and CEO of Masstech Group. “We are comfortable knowing that with RapidMind, we and ultimately our customers will be able to leverage the latest technologies going forward.”

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