HDMI chips switch three ports to a single display

Las Vegas, Nev.—Pericom Semiconductor Corp. has expanded its high-definition multimedia interface (HDMI) switch line with four active high-bandwidth differential switches for multi-source or multi-sink video applications, including TV, monitor, set-top box, switch box, and game consoles.

According to Pericom, its active HDMI switching products now provide signal conditioning features and comply with the newly revised 1.3 HDMI standard. All four switches offer 1080p high-resolution video support with 12-bit color depth per channel. Signal conditioning and switching features allow designers to switch as many as three ports to a single display over cables as long as 20 meters.

“The demand for multiple HDMI/DVI connectors to link various sources, such as DVD, STB, PCs, and gaming consoles to a single video screen, has created a need for longer cable lengths, due to the uncertainty of A/V setup in a consumer's home,” said Shaf Rahman, Pericom's senior director of Switch and Interface Marketing. “With longer cable lengths, the signal reduction loss takes place almost in an exponential factor as the cable lengths increase from 1 meter to 20 meter cable”

In addition to providing optimized equalization setting to cover 1 to 20 meters cable length, the products also offer configurable pre-emphasis, de-emphasis and output swing control. Bandwidth is 2.5 Gbits/s per channel, or 10-Gbits/s total.

“Our unique optimized equalization setting, combined with configurable pre-emphasis, de-emphasis and output swing control, enable video network designers to achieve the required signal integrity at sink. Designers can now build large screen liquid crystal display (LCD) TVs, monitors and notebook PCs with docking stations, with multiple HDMI/DVI connectors at far distances internally, and connect to external video sources with long cables. This also eliminates the need to use expensive A/V switch boxes, which typically range from $200 – $400,” Rahman added.

The PI3HDMI341xxx, PI3HDMI412AD, PI3HDMI421AR and PI3HDMI411AD are Pb-free and green and in full production. In 10K quantities, the prices range is as follows: PI3HDMI411AD: $1.50; PI3HDMI412AD: $1.75; PI3HDMI421AR: $1.75; and PI3HDMI341AR: $3.

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