High bandwidth switches and muxes suit Pro AV

Professional audio/video (Pro AV) switching and distribution systems, such as video conferencing and digital signage, are creating demand for more advanced switchers and multiplexers, according to Analog Devices (Weybridge, UK). Using its low power SiGe process, ADI's ADV32xx family of 16-16 buffered crosspoint switches and multiplexers (muxes) suits applications that require efficient, reliable switching of multiple video sources including composite, component and S-Video.

Claiming lower power consumption and higher signal routing bandwidth than their nearest 16-16 crosspoint switch counterparts, the ADV3226 and ADV3227 drive 1.2W video loads from a 5V supply, achieving a -3dB signal bandwidth greater than 700MHz. With channel switch times of less than 50ns with 1% settling, these can be used in high-speed applications. Likewise, ADI's latest muxes, which include the 2 to 1 ADV3219 and ADV3220 and the 4 to 1 ADV3221 and ADV3222, offer bandwidth to 650MHz.

These single-chip solutions are available over the extended industrial temperature range (-40 to +85 degrees C). For move information, visit Analog Devices' website.

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