High current 55-V Q101-qualified MOSFETs rated for continuous duty

El Segundo, CA. — International Rectifier (IR), a global provider of power management technology, introduces a pair of new 55V-rated Q101-qualified automotive HEXFET power MOSFETs rated for continuous duty in the D2Pak outline. The new 55V devices are an addition to recently-introduced 40V devices and are designed to increase safety margin in specific circuitry and load topologies where the higher voltage rating would handle load-dump transients on the battery line, or transients caused by loads with strong inductive nature.

The IRF3805S-7P (160A continuous) and IRF1405ZS-7P (120A continuous) are designed for heavy-duty, high-current automotive applications such as electronic power steering (EPS) 14V integrated starter alternator (ISA) systems and advanced alternator active rectification.

A standard three-lead D2Pak is limited to 75A to 100A, depending on lead cross-section and manufacturer's specification method; however, International Rectifier's new devices have seven leads. The additional leads allow a larger wirebond area, reducing die-free package resistance, enabling a device on-resistance specification of 2.6mOhm max at 25°C (IRF3805S-7P).

“The new 55V-rated Q101 HEXFET MOSFETs increase the selection of devices so that designers can choose the most suitable power switch for their high-current automotive application,” said Anthony Murray, International Rectifier Technical Marketing Manager.

The IRF2804S-7P and the IRF1405ZS-7P are ideal replacements for multiple D2Pak devices as well as larger through-hole package devices. In addition, repetitive avalanche (Ear) is characterized on the data sheet and guaranteed up to maximum junction temperature (Tj-max), especially useful for automotive applications.

Q101-Qualified 55V Automotive HEXFET MOSFETs

Part Number Package VDS RDS(on) ID, max Rth Typ RDS(on) Temp Coeff. Gate
IRF3805S-7P D2Pak-7 55V 2.6 mOhm 160A(1) 0.50C/W 2.10 Std
IRF1405ZS-7P D2Pak-7 55V 4.9 mOhm 120A 0.65C/W 2.10 Std
Note 1: Package limited

Availability and Pricing
The new 55V, 7-pin automotive MOSFETs are available immediately. Pricing begins at US $2.85 each for the IRF3805S-7P in 10,000-unit quantities.

A data sheet for these new automotive MOSFETs and a related application note (AN-1005) entitled, “Power MOSFET Avalanche Design Guidelines” are posted on the International Rectifier Web site. For more information, go to

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