High-current LDOs serve advanced FPGAs, logic cores

Chandler, Ariz.—Microchip Technology's MCP1725, MCP1825, and MCP1826 extend the flexibility of the company's high-current low-dropout (LDO) regulator family to meet more demanding applications.

“The MCP1725/182X LDOs answer the growing low-voltage needs of newer FPGAs and logic cores, while providing highly competitive current and feature-set choices in power-capable, space-efficient packages,” said Bryan Liddiard, vice president of marketing for the Analog and Interface Products Division. The 500-mA MCP1725 and 1-amp MCP1825 and MCP1826 (MCP1725/182X) are ceramic-capacitor stable for smaller, more efficient designs. They're available in packages as small as 2-by-3 mm (DFN) and the SOT223.

The LDOs, which can provide an output down to 0.8 volt, feature a typical dropout voltage of 210 to 250 mV. Quiescent current is just 120-140 microamperes. They are stable with ceramic output capacitors.

The MCP1825S and MCP1826S are basic, 3-pin 500-mA and 1-A LDOs, respectively. The MCP1825 and MCP1826 add shutdown and power-good functionality; while the MCP1725 is a full-featured, 500-mA LDO with power-good delay and a sense pin for better load regulation. The devices add to Microchip's existing portfolio of high-current LDOs, which includes the 1-A MCP1726, and the 1.5-A MCP1827 and MCP1827S devices. The portfolio is suited for heat and space-constrained consumer and industrial electronic devices that require high currents or low operating voltages. Examples include computer graphic processors, portable video recorders, set-top cable boxes and switchmode power supply post-regulators.

Availability : Samples of the MCP1725/182X LDOs can be ordered now; click here. Click here for volume orders.

Packaging and pricing : MCP1725,
8-pin, 2-by-3 mm DFN package is $1.01 each in 10k quantities and 8-pin SOIC package is 93 cents each;
MCP1825, 5-pin SOT223 package is 87 cents each, and
5-pin DDPAK and TO220 packages are $1.01 each;
MCP1825S, 3-pin SOT223 package is 83 cents,
3-pin DDPAK and TO220 packages are 93 cents; MCP1826, 5-pin SOT223 is 96 cents,
5-pin DDPAK and TO220 is $1.12; MCP1826S,
3-pin SOT223 is 90 cents, 3-pin DDPAK and TO220 is $1.09.

Datasheets: MCP1725; MCP1825; MCP1825S; MCP1826; MCP1826S

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