High-current PWM ICs drive mid-range brush, brushless DC motors

Cirrus Logic has introduced two PWM ICs – the SA306-IHZ and SA57-IHZ – targeted at fractional-horsepower DC motor drives. Offered as the industry's highest-current such devices, the ICs can deliver up to 5 A of continuous output current (8 A in the “A” versions) and a peak output of 17 A in a package measuring less than 2 cm2 .

The SA306-IHZ is designed to drive three-phase brushless DC motors, while the SA57-IHZ drives brush DC motors. Both devices operate over a 9 to 60-V range and feature a cycle-by-cycle current limit feature that allows them to work with the processor or DSP to control current in real time for each motor phase.

The SA306-IHZ and SA57-IHZ are housed in 64-pin Power Quad packages and are available in volume production. Pricing is from $9.90 and $7.15 each per 10,000 quantities, respectively.

Cirrus Logic , (800) 625-4084,

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