High-definition PC audio codecs offer 3-state Class-D modulation, extend battery life

Integrated Device Technology, Inc. is claiming the world's first family of high-definition PC audio codecs to feature the DDX-based class-D modulation technology developed by Apogee Technology. The efficient 3-state modulation technique extends battery life, eliminates pops and clicks, and reduces electromagnetic interference (EMI) in notebook and desktop audio systems.

IDT 92HD9x family of audio codecs integrates equalization, dynamics processing and filtering in hardware to enhance the audio output, complemented by a complete set of features implemented in software to enhance the microphone inputs, such as acoustic echo cancellation, noise suppression and beam forming for unified communications.

The newest audio codecs in the IDT family include an integrated high-pass filter to prevent speaker damage by blocking low frequency content the output transducers cannot reproduce. When used in conjunction with the integrated band-pass filter, 2.1 speaker configurations are possible using the mono subwoofer output.

In addition, the latest members of IDT's industry leading audio family feature an integrated combo jack, which allows today's headsets to use a single port for the microphone input and headphone output. This integrated combo jack offers board designers a system-level cost savings by eliminating external components previously needed for microphone detection.

Finally, the 92HD9x family offers an option for dual HD Audio and Inter-IC Sound (I2S) bus interfaces to facilitate notebook docking and the connection of auxiliary audio devices with lower bill of materials costs.

The IDT 92HD91 and 92HD99 are stereo-class class-D codecs available in 48-QFN and 40-QFN packages respectively. The 92HD98 is a mono version of the 92HD99 in the 40-pin QFN package, and the 92HD90 has a feature set similar to the 92HD91 with an added I2S bus interface in 48-QFN.

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