High-frequency MOSFETs increase handheld power efficiency

San Jose, Calif.—Renesas Technology America Inc. has introduced two high-frequency power MOSFETs—the RQA0010 and RQA0014 transistors—for use in the transmitter power amplifiers of handheld wireless products, including those that combine communication, information and multimedia capabilities.

The semiconductor devices achieve what the company claims is the industry's highest efficiency class and the high reliability characterized by a rating of ESD immunity level 41.

In typical applications, the MOSFETs are used in tandem to amplify, to the nominal power level needed for driving the transmission antenna and audio signals that have converted to the high frequencies of the wireless network. They are suitable for frequencies in the 175MHz and 500MHz bands for commercial wireless systems, and in the 800MHz and 900MHz bands for cell phones.

Renesas has achieved a 60 percent power-added efficiency (PAE) in the RQA0010 MOSFET at 3.6V, and a 55 percent PAE in the RQA0014 MOSFET at the same supply voltage. As a result, a two-stage amplifier that uses an RQA0010 to boost the output of an RQA0014 achieves a 1.2W output at 3.6V.

Pricing: RQA0010, 30 cents; RQA0014, 19 cents.
Availability: Third quarter of 2008.

Renesas Technology Corp.,

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