High-frequency PCB co-design speeds file translation

AWR and Mentor Graphics Corporation announced AWR Connected for Mentor Graphics. This new synergy of design flow between AWR and Mentor Graphics obsoletes file translation between Mentor Graphics' industry-leading Expedition Enterprise design environment and AWR's Microwave Office(R) microwave and RF design environment. AWR reports that the resulting design and simulation solution is fully transparent to the user.

Library data for all design components is continuously synchronized between the Expedition Enterprise parts library and AWR Design Environment for microstrip, stripline, and copper components. Circuit and electromagnetic (EM) simulation is available on demand throughout the flow regardless of which tool is being used to view or manipulate the design. The combined tools transfer not just tool data but messages as well, so that EM analysis and circuit simulation can be performed in Microwave Office software from Mentor's tools either on the same computer or across a network or Internet. Multiple Microwave Office projects can be simultaneously connected to the same Mentor PCB design, allowing design partitioning across the toolsets.

Extractions can be created for AWR's ACE circuit extraction tool or AXIEM EM simulator as well as any third-party EM solver integrated within AWR's open design environment. The extractions are performed while preserving the ability to perform circuit simulations with AWR's Microwave Office, APLAC(R) harmonic balance, or HSPICE(R) circuit simulators directly from Mentor circuits, or after transferring schematics and layouts from Mentor to AWR at any point in the design flow. This capability eliminates the need to create a duplicate library in AWR tools based on the Mentor library by dynamically generating the required AWR-specific parts library “on the fly”, including symbols, part numbers, footprints, and even models.

AWR Connected for Mentor Graphic's Expedition is available now.
Readers should contact their local AWR or Mentor Graphics sales office for pricing. Visit for more information and to view a video demonstration.

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