High-linearity SPDT switch targets 802.11b/g applications

Lowell, Mass. — Tyco Electronics has released the M/A-COM MASW-008075, a SPDT 3.0-volt switch for applications that require high linearity, low insertion loss and high isolation. This low-cost switch is suitable for 802.11b/g applications with a bias of 3.0 V.

The MASW-008075 switch delivers a typical insertion loss of 0.40 dB while achieving an isolation of 25 dB and P1dB of 28 dBm. The SPDT switch is RoHS compliant and is fabricated on a 0.5-micron gate-length GaAs process and features full passivation for increased reliability. The devices are housed in a compact SC-70 package and are 100 percent RF tested to ensure performance compliance.

Typical applications include transmitter and receiver (Tx/Rx) switching in linear systems such as WLAN 802.11b/g, which connect the receiver and transmitter to a single antenna. In addition, diversity switching can be achieved by connecting two switches back-to-back on a printed-circuit-board.

Pricing: $0.12 in quantities of 100,000
Availability: From stock
Datasheet: MASW-008075

M/A-COM, Inc. , 1-978-442-5000,

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