High linearity upconverting mixer supports all LTE/cellular bands

Milpitas, Calif.—A new wide bandwidth active upconverting mixer, the LT5578 from Linear Technology, delivers high dynamic range performance from 400MHz to 2.7GHz, supporting all of the allocated LTE (Long-Term Evolution) broadband wireless services.

At 900MHz, the mixer offers 27dBm Output IP3 linearity and noise floor of -160.5dBm/Hz at an output level of -5dBm.. In addition, the mixer has 1.4dB conversion gain with integrated RF balun transformers that provide a single-ended RF output and LO (Local Oscillator) input to simplify designs while reducing external component count. Moreover, the device's LO input is internally buffered, requiring a drive level of only -1dBm. This results in an LO-to-RF leakage of -43dBm.

The LT5578 is designed to satisfy the requirements of next generation LTE wireless basestation transmitters and improves the performance of wireless equipment including W-CDMA / UMTS, TD-SCDMA, CDMA2000, CDMA, and GSM/EDGE basestations. The mixer is also intended for a wide range of communications gear such as cable headend transmitters, microwave broadband transmitters, wireless repeaters, military radios, digital video broadcast systems, 2.4GHz ISM band transmitters, test instrumentation, micro-cell and pico-cell basestation applications.

Pricing: Starts at $5.25 each in 1,000 piece quantities.
Availability: Immediately from stock.
Datasheet: click here.

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