High output differential amplifier suits audio and instrumentation applications

Unterpremstaetten, Austria – Claiming a 10MHz, 10V/us, rail-to-rail I/O performance, austriamicrosystems has designed its AS1713 device with audio applications such as headphone drivers and audio line receivers and buffers in mind.

This high output differential line receiver operates from a single +2.7V to +5.5V supply and can swing to within 100mV from the rails while sinking or sourcing 50mA of output current. Large short time loads, common in audio applications, are supported by a peak output current of >200mA. The AS1713 is said to require 1.6mA of supply current and 1nA while in shutdown.

The AS1713 has a fixed differential voltage gain of 1. Users can gain access to the internal matched resistors, suiting the part to various low distortion signal processing applications. For example, the part could be used as a general purpose instrumentation amplifier. austriamicrosystems suggests that gain and impedance conversion could be provided by adding an external dual amplifier to create a classic three amplifier structure.

The AS1713 is available in a MLPD package suitable for operating environments ranging from -40°C to +85°C. Data sheets and free samples can be obtained from the company direct, by visiting austriamicrosystem’s website.

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