High-performance 32-Bit audio DAC has PCM/DSD input

The AK4397 32-bit 192-kHz audio DAC for professional and top-of-the-line consumer audio equipment features full 32-bit processing for the audio interface, a linear-phase digital filter and delta-sigma modulator. Features include a dedicated input port for direct stream digital (DSD) data input, a sampling rate from 30 to 216 kHz, fully differential analog outputs, digital attenuator, de-emphasis filters, soft mute and zero detection functions.

Specifications include a THD+N of -103 dB and a S/N ratio of 120 dB. Operating voltage is 5 V. The AK4397 uses a symmetrical layout for the left-right switched capacitor DAC and fully separated analog power routing to avoid any degradation by crosstalk and common impedance.

Other features designed to enhance performance, according to the company, include the use of the company's own unique switched capacitor DAC to provide excellent anti-jitter performance, a circuit design approach to suppress the jitter generated internally and a dedicated power supply pin for the clock circuit.

The AK4397 is available in a 44-pin LQFP and is function and software compatible with the company's AK4396 24-bit Audio DAC. The AK4397 is also functionally compatible with the AK4393/4/5 with lower power dissipation. An evaluation board is also available.

Product literature:
AK4397 datasheet (PDF)
AK4397 evaluation board manual (PDF)

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