High-performance 32-bit stereo DAC optimizes sound quality for pro audio, high-end A/V

AKM Semiconductor has introduced the AK4480 high-performance 32-bit stereo DAC. Based on the high-performance architecture of the company's AK4397 and AK4399 DACs, the device is suited for professional audio and high-end Blu-ray Disc, DVD audio and A/V applications.

The AK4480 has three different digital filters: a 32-bit short delay filter, a 32-bit sharp roll-off filter, and a 32-bit slow roll-off filter. The 32-bit minimum delay and sharp roll-off filters can be controlled by pin settings in parallel control mode.

The AK4480's 32-bit digital operation block provides full 32-bit processing for the audio interface, a perfect linear phase digital filter and an advanced delta-sigma modulator. In addition, a fully symmetrical layout of the analog block for left-right channels ensures that the signal from the digital block has the shortest path possible to the analog block to avoid noise coupling.

Other features include a digital de-emphasis filter, soft mute circuit, fully differential analog outputs, and digital attenuator. Left and right channel-independent zero detect functions are available. Specifications include sampling rates from 30 kHz to 216 kHz, a THD+N of -100 dB and a dynamic range or SNR of 114 dB.

The AK4480 operates from 5 V and is packaged in a 30-pin VSOP. Evaluation boards and samples are available now.

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Product literature:
AK4480 information page
AK4880 datasheet

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