High-performance driver modules target mid-sized LED-backlit displays

Endicott Research Group (ERG) is offering a new range of Smart Force plug-and-play LED driver solutions with enhanced performance features for high-power, high-brightness mid-size LED-backlit displays.

The new SFDMD Series is specifically designed for applications that require a small footprint with high efficiency and brightness stability over a wide input voltage range, such as medical patient monitors, POS, kiosk, ATM, gaming and GPS displays. Less than 5 mm high, with a footprint of only 70.66 mm x 24.4 mm, the new SFDMD drivers enhance ERG's existing SFDM (Mini) Series with an even wider input voltage range of 3-20 V. They can be modified to work from 3.3 V, 5 V or 12 V input voltage, with an LED string voltage of up to 38.5 V and an output current drive of 30 mA x 6 strings. The onboard PWM dimming feature can generate a dimming ratio of up to 255:1 via an external 0-5 V analog voltage, which is compatible with most controller cards on the market today. SFDMD Series modules operate at a high efficiency, about 90 percent.

“Compared to our closest competitor's module for driving mid-sized LCDs, the SFDMD Series offers a smaller footprint, a wider input voltage range, a higher string voltage, and a higher output current drive,” said Scott Barney, Director of Sales and Marketing at ERG. “And when it comes to dimming, our competitor's module offers only 10:1 analog dimming compared to onboard PWM dimming up to 255:1 for the SFDMD Series.”

Availability and Pricing

Pricing for ERG's new Smart Force SFDMD Series LED Driver modules is approximately $18.00 in 1,000-piece quantities. Delivery is typically four weeks A.R.O.

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