High-performance four-channel audio ADC features short group delay

The AK5388 24-bit high-performance four-channel audio ADC from Asahi Kasei EMD Corporation (AKM) features a low-group-delay minimum-phase digital filter, suiting it for demanding professional uses such as live sound applications. Group delay is 12.6/fs over sampling frequencies from 8 kHz to 216 kHz while maintaining linear phase.

Other specifications include a 120-dB dynamic range, with an available 123-dB dynamic range when placed in stereo mode. The audio data interface supports a TDM mode that allows for four channels at 192 kHz or eight channels at 48 kHz when using two devices.

Features include fully differential analog inputs and operation in master or slave mode. If the inputs clip, there is an overflow flag pin. Core operating voltage is 5 V nominal, with a digital supply range of 3.0 V to 3.6 V.

Packaging and availability: The AK5388 is housed in a 44-pin LQFP. Evaluation boards and samples are available now.

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