High power density boost regulators

Suiting a wide range of broadband, power supply and multimedia applications, Micrel's latest switch boost regulators supply up to 1.2A switch current. Offering a high power density, the MIC2601 operates at 1.2MHz and the MIC2602 at 2MHz. Both devices have a wide input voltage range (4.5V to 20V) and can boost output voltages to as high as 40V.

The MIC2601/2 are aimed at multimedia STB/antenna/tuners, broadband communications, TFT-LCD bias supplies, bias supplies, positive output regulators, SEPIC converters, DSL applications and local boost regulators. Featuring a built-in 1.2A switch, these are deemed to offer low BOM cost and are easy to use, as they require few external components count – a small ceramic capacitor can be used to give added stability. They are now available in volume in lead free 2mm x 2mm MLF-8 packages.

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