High reliability promised by Recom LED drivers

Recom Electronic has introduced the RCD-24-x.xx series LED drivers. With current outputs of 300, 350, 500, 600 and 700mA, the drivers offer both linear and PWM dimming. Linear dimming control gives a wide dimming range (0 to 100%), whilst PWM dimming accommodates dimming frequencies within the 20 to 200Hz range.

The buck converters feature an input range of 4.5 to 36 V. There is also a standby function for battery-operated applications. The rated accuracy of the output current is 2% and variations due to the input voltage range are 1%.

These drivers come in 22.1 x 12.6 x 8.5mm packages made of UL94-V0 material. The drivers are available with either 6 pins or with four 100mm long leads. Depending on volume requirements, Recom can provide customer specific versions. Operating temperature range is from -40 to 71°C (700mA) or 85°C (350mA) without derating.
The MTBF of the 700mA version (worst case) is of 516,000 hours at an environmental temperature of 71°C. EMC-compatibility with EN 55022 Class B can be achieved with the addition of two components and the use of another 4 ceramic capacitors would make the drivers compatible with EN 61000 -4-2, -3, -4 und -6. For more information, visit
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