High-resolution RGB amp eliminates the negative supply

Milpitas, Calif.&#8212Linear Technology says its LT6557 is the fastest triple video (RGB) amplifier for single- supply applications.

Suited for use in Super XGA (SXGA, 1280-by-1024 pixels) and Ultra XGA (UXGA, 1600-by-1200 pixels) LCD projectors and monitors, digital presenters, scanners, and automotive display systems, the
LT6557 features a wide output swing that comes within 0.8 volt of the supply rail. That makes it the only wideband RGB amplifier, according to the company, capable of providing full video swing when operated from a 5-volt supply. It has a (-3 dB small-signal) bandwidth of 500 MHz, slew rate of 2200 V/microsecond and a settling time of 4 ns for sharper video images. Gain flatness bandwidth (&plusmn0.1 db) is 120 MHz.

“The LT6557's unique internal architecture simplifies the task of processing high speed video signals in single- supply applications,” said Dan Tran, design section leader for Signal Conditioning Products. “An internal biasing feature allows the user to program the inputs of all three amplifiers to the same DC voltage level with a single resistor. This feature minimizes external component count and simplifies AC-coupled applications. Furthermore, the internal fixed gain of 2 eliminates six external gain setting resistors required for driving double-terminated cables.”

Click here for the product datasheet. The LT6557, available in 16-pin SSOP and DFN packages and fully specified for operation over the industrial and commercial temperature ranges, is priced starting at $2.50 each in 1k pieces.

Linear Technology , 1-800-4LINEAR,

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