High-speed A/D converter family achieves impressive power consumption specs, maintains performance

Milpitas, CA September 21, 2004 — A new family of high-speed analog-to-digital converters (A/D converters) from Linear Technology combines outstanding AC performance with extremely low power, making them ideal for a range of wireless and cable communications systems. The LTC2220 family includes A/D converters ranging from 10 mega-samples per second (MS/sec) up to 170 MS/sec at 12-bit and 10-bit resolution, as well as 14-bit converters up to 80 MS/sec. This new A/D converter family complements Linear Technology's previously announced LTC1750 family of 5-V A/D converters. These low power A/D converters excel at undersampling, making them well suited for communications applications such as wireless-CDMA cellular basestation transceivers, digital predistortion power amplifier linearization, and cable modem termination systems.

The company says that the LTC2224, a 12-bit 135 MS/sec A/D converter, has 630 mW power consumption in a 7mm x 7mm QFN package. Additionally, LTC says it has the lowest power at this speed, is almost half the size of its nearest competitor, and achieves over 67dB signal-to-noise (SNR) up to 170 MHz input. Further, the system footprint is small because few external bypasses are needed. Ideal for low power basestation designs and optimized for undersampling, the LTC2224 features a 775 MHz bandwidth and achieves 77dB spurious-free dynamic range (SFDR) up to 250 MHz input. Pin-compatible versions at sample rates of 105 MS/sec and 80 MS/sec feature even lower power. Pin-compatible 10-bit versions at each speed are also in full production.

The entire LTC2220 A/D converter family, which includes 24 devices, will be introduced by the fourth calendar quarter. Linear Technology says that its new A/D converter family features industry-leading AC performance at every sample rate, the lowest power of any such converters in the industry, and pin-compatibility, allowing easy migration from 10-bit to 12- or 14-bits, or to different sample rates. In addition to the LTC2224, Linear Technology is also announcing today five additional high-performance, low-power A/D converters — LTC2222, LTC2223, LTC2234, LTC2232 and LTC2233. All are now in production and are packaged in 7 x 7 mm QFN packages.

LTC2220 Family Summary of Features:
* Sample Rate: 135MS/sec/105MS/sec/80MS/sec
* 68dB SNR up to 140MHz Input
* 80dB SFDR up to 170MHz Input
* 775MHz Full Power Bandwidth S/H
* Single 3.3V Supply
* Power Dissipation: 630mW/475mW/366mW
* Selectable Input Ranges: +/-0.5V or +/-1V
* No Missing Codes
* Optional Clock Duty Cycle Stabilizer
* Shutdown and Nap Modes
* Data Ready Output Clock
* Pin Compatible Family
* 135MS/sec: LTC2224 (12-Bit), LTC2234 (10-Bit)
* 105MS/sec: LTC2222 (12-Bit), LTC2232 (10-Bit)
* 80MS/sec: LTC2223 (12-Bit), LTC2233 (10-Bit)

Linear Technology Corporation, 1630 McCarthy Boulevard, Milpitas, CA 95035-7417. Tel. 408-432-1900 or 1-800-4-LINEAR (800-454-6327 for literature only), or go to the company's web site:

LTC2224 data sheet

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