High Speed Audio A/D Converters Tout Clarity

Edinburgh, UK — Using advanced mixed-signal techniques in a multi bit sigma-delta design, and a proprietary cascade topology, Wolfson Microelectronics plc's WM8780/1/5/6 high-speed, audio analog-to-digital converters (A/D converters), maximize signal-to-noise ratio (SNR). Consequently, the company is able to deliver clean accurate sound, up to 111 dB, in compact and convenient surface-mount packages.

Wolfson's 24-bit stereo A/D converters are intended for use in high-performance recordable media devices, such as recordable DVD players and personal video recorders, and A/V amplifiers, as well as high-end sound cards and studio-audio processing equipment.

A choice of single-ended or differential analog inputs allows designers to achieve an optimal balance of audio performance, system cost and design effort. Both input-types are available in hardware and software controllable variants.

The WM8780 and WM8781 have single-ended inputs and achieve signal-to-noise ratio of 107 dB and total harmonic distortion -98 dB. Designed with differential inputs, the WM8785 and WM8786 reach 111 dB SNR and a total harmonic distortion -102 dB.

Capable of 24-bit high-resolution sampling at frequencies from 8 kHz to 192 kHz, the digital output audio word length is configurable from 16- to 32-bit and delivered as a pulse code modulation (PCM) output. Wolfson's proprietary low-order modulator minimizes jitter effects, and a selectable high pass filter is available to remove residual DC offsets. The devices support a time division multiplexed data (TDM) bus, providing designers with extra flexibility to build advanced audio processing equipment, including complex multi-channel studio equipment or surround sound systems.

The WM8780 is packaged in a very low pin-count 16-pin SOIC. The WM8781, WM8785 and WM8786 are available in small outline 20-pin SSOP packages. The WM8780, WM8781, WM8785 and WM8786 are available now in volume quantities priced at $1.53, $1.62, $1.85 and $1.90, respectively, in 10,000s.

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