High-Speed converter integrated on MCU is just right combo for wireless, test

AUSTIN, Texas — Silicon Laboratories announced the new C8051F064 product family of precision mixed-signal microcontrollers (MCUs), which integrates a 25 MIPS 8051 MCU with dual 16-bit, 1 Msps (mega sample per second) analog-to-digital converters (ADCs). The C8051F064 product family offers the industry's first MCU with a high-speed on-chip 16-bit ADC at a price point that is competitive with similar performing stand-alone ADCs that do not include MCU functionality. See the eePC review of this product at 8051 review

Silicon Laboratories' new MCUs are ideal for applications that require high-speed data acquisition, high accuracy, low noise and low power consumption including applications such as imaging systems, industrial controls, medical and scientific instrumentation, wireless base stations and automatic test equipment. A $24.95 C8051F064 evaluation kit is available to customers that allows for immediate evaluation of the analog performance of on-chip ADCs and evaluation of the software development tools.

The C8051F064 product family combines high-performance analog, with a high-speed Flash-based MCU core into a single, powerful mixed-signal MCU. The C8051F064 product family includes the C8051F065, C8051F066 and C8051F067, which offer a high-speed 8051 core and a choice of 32 kB or 64 kB of Flash memory in a 64-pin or 100-pin package. The new MCUs also have low-power dual 16-bit ADCs accurate to 0.75 least significant bit (LSB) integral non-linearity (INL), 89 dB SINAD and consume only 20 mW per ADC. On-chip peripherals include two UARTs, SMBus and SPI bus serial ports as well as a two percent accuracy precision internal oscillator that eliminates the need for an external crystal or resonator.

As with all of Silicon Laboratories' MCU products, the C8051F064 product family features in-system debugging that eliminates the need for an emulator and includes features such as single stepping, breakpoints and modifying registers and memory. They are supported with a complete, low cost professional development kit that includes everything required to immediately begin the system design: IDE, target board, cables and power supply.

Pricing begins at $9.98 in quantities of 5,000. The C8051F064 evaluation kit is available now for $24.95. The full development kit is available for $299 and provides features typical of in-circuit emulators. The devices are packaged in either a 100-pin TQFP with 59 digital I/O or 64-pin TQFP with 24 digital I/O.

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