High-speed op amp touts lowest noise

Santa Clara, Calif.—National Semiconductor claims that its latest high-speed operational amplifier (op amp) delivers the industry's lowest noise (0.69 nV/sqrt Hz) with -3 dB bandwidth of 900 MHz at a gain of 10.

The PowerWise LMH6629 also provides low input current noise (2.6 pA/sqrt Hz) and second and third harmonic distortion (f = 1 MHz) performance of -90 dBc and -94 dBc, respectively. The op amp's low input noise, low distortion and high speed combined with low DC errors—780 uV input offset voltage max at 25 degrees C and ±0.45 µV per degree C of TCVos—enable precision operation in both AC- and DC-coupled applications.

The LMH6629's input common-mode range extends below ground and the output swings to within 0.8V of either rail with a linear output current of greater than ±250 mA. The PowerWise op amp consumes 15.5 mA and features a supply voltage range from 2.7V to 5.5V. Its user selectable internal compensation eliminates the external compensation components and additional design time required with other amplifiers. With the LMH6629, designers can set a minimum gain of 4 or 10 by pulling the minimum gain select pin low or high.

Applications include 16-bit systems for communications, test and measurement, medical imaging, industrial, and light detecting and ranging (LIDAR) applications.

Pricing: $1.88 each in 1ku.
Availability: Now in an 8-pin LLP package.
Datasheet: Click here.

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