High-speed opamps offer low noise and low power

Geneva, Switzerland—STMicroelectronics, Inc. introduced a family of high-speed operational amplifiers that are optimized for low noise and power consumption. Well suited for use in logic analyzers, oscilloscopes, video drivers, imaging systems, and battery-powered instrumentation, the devices are manufactured using a high-speed BiCMOS technology and current-feedback architecture.

Of the three devices in the family, one focuses on low-current and high-bandwidth applications while the others target very-low-noise performance. The TSH310 requires 400 uA of quiescent current and achieves 130MHz bandwidth, and a 115V/microsecond slew rate. The device, which offers low power consumption, is available in the tiny SOT-23 package, ideal for compact portable applications, as well as an SO-8 package.

The TSH330 and TSH350 provide wide bandwidth and high slew rate (up to 1.1GHz and 1800V/microsecond in the TSH330) with noise (Equivalent Input Noise Voltage) as low as 1.3nV/sqrtHz.

The TSH310's quiescent current is guaranteed to be less than 470 uA by device testing, and input noise is typically 7.5nv/sqrtHz. The output stage is optimized for driving high-speed ADC inputs, and has a linearity (SFDR) of -87dBc for F=1MHz, -55dBc for F=10MHz (2Vp-p, 1-kOhm load).

For high-end equipment demanding very wide bandwidth and excellent noise performance, the TSH330 provides unity-gain bandwidth of 1.1GHz, with only 16-mA quiescent current, and typically 1.3nV/sqrtHz of input voltage noise. It demonstrates 0.-dB gain flatness up to 160MHz at a gain of 2, and with the output stage optimized for driving 100-Ohm video or instrumentation lines, SFDR is -78dBc for F=10MHz, and -73dBc for F=20MHz (2Vp-p, 100-Ohm load).

The TSH350 strikes a balance between outright performance and power consumption, with 410MHz bandwidth, 940V/microsecond slew rate, and 4.1mA quiescent current. Input noise is held low at 1.5nV/sqrtHz. The output stage is also intended for driving 100-Ohm loads and provides a minimum 2.8Vp-p swing for a +5-VDC supply voltage. Distortion is specified as typically -66dBc for F=10MHz and an output swing of 1Vp-p into a 100-Ohm load. The amplifier is highly suitable for applications where speed and power saving are equal priorities.

All of the amplifiers are designed for operation on a +5-VDC power supply, and are characterized for the -40 to +85 degree C temperature range. They are available in an 8-pin SO-8 plastic package with standard pin-out, in both tube and tape-and-reel, and the TSH310 is also available in 5-pin SOT-23.

The TSH310, TSH330 and TSH350 are priced at $1.30, $1.40, and $1.20, respectively, in 5,000 piece quantities. They are available now.
Click here for the TSH310 data sheet.
Click here for the TSH330 data sheet.
Click here for the TSH350 data sheet.

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