High voltage buck converter integrates power monitoring

Austria Microsystems has launched a hysteretic, high efficiency 32V step-down regulator in a 4x4mm MLPQ 12-pin package. Designed to suit utility metering, sensor interfacing and other industrial motion control applications, the AS7620 provides early-power-fail warning and power-good signals to microcontrollers that cannot afford to lose critical data during a power failure or brown-out condition.
The AS7620 DC-DC regulator has been optimised for industrial 24V applications, delivering up to 500mA. Available with a fixed 3.3V output or adjustable output voltage between 1.2V and VIN, the device provides an input voltage between 3.6V and 32V and offers a high efficiency rate of up to 93%. Additionally, an integrated 100% duty-cycle extends operation in low-dropout conditions. A pin-selectable peak current limit optimises inductor selection, reducing component size.
Built on a hysteretic architecture, the AS7620 operates on less than 37A when delivering 500A of output current. With power consumption of approximately 100A at 10mA output, it allows for smaller hold-up capacitors, and extends operating battery life if used in portable analysers.
“Austria Microsystems' AS7620 is the first in a series of high-voltage step-down converters that addresses the peculiar needs of industrial 24V applications, and is industry's first 32V-stepdown converter to provide simultaneously an early-power-fail warning and power-good signal in a compact, thermally efficient package, hereby eliminating external comparators and reducing board space” said Matjaz Novak, Marketing Director Industry & Medical at austriamicrosystems. “When the lights go out, the AS7620 shines with its low operating current and extended supply voltage range that includes a low-drop-out mode to keep that microcontroller running until its supply voltage falls below the 90% power-good threshold.”
The AS7620 DC-DC converter does not require any compensation. Soft-start, current limit and thermal shutdown make this converter fail-safe. During shutdown the current draw is reduced to only 1A.

Block diagram of the AS7620 step-down converter.

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