High-voltage capacitor charging made simple

Designing a high-voltage capacitor charger or power supply up to a thousand volts is not a trivial task. A discrete solution using a general-purpose flyback PWM controller with an optocoupler, monitoring, status and protection features normally require lots of circuitry and has high design complexity. It is essential to avoid an input over-current fold-back condition that can occur during turn-on due to the capacitive load looking like a short circuit.

The need for developing a high-voltage across a capacitor can be required for professional high-voltage photoflash systems, security-control systems, pulsed radar, automotive air- bag squid firing, emergency strobes, security/inventory control systems and detonators. Reliability, cost, safety, size, and performance are the major design obstacles that a high-voltage power supply designer must contend with. However, the recently introduced LT3751 from Linear Technology greatly simplifies this design task.

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