High-voltage precision op amp boasts low power and low noise

Intersil's ISL28127 is a 40V precision operational amplifier that operates with 20 percent lower noise and consumes 30 percent less power than competing devices, according to the company. Created on Intersil's proprietary precision bipolar process technology, ISL28127 targets applications that specifically require low DC noise within instrumentation, industrial and data acquisition.

The device boasts low-frequency voltage noise performance of 3.0nV/ Hz  @ 10Hz, and impressive DC precision, with a stated 70mV max offset voltage and 10nA max input bias current. Offset voltage drift performance is 0.5mV/ degree C max, with this device being unity-gain stable over the -40 to +125 degree C temperature range. The ISL28127 exhibits a wide operating supply voltage range of 4.5V to 40V and a gain bandwidth of 10MHz, suiting it to 12-bit to 24-bit signal front-end applications.

Whilst its low noise makes the ISL28127 applicable for use in laboratory instrumentation, automated test equipment, power line monitors, weight measurement systems, and environmental analysers, its low distortion and gain accuracy is applicable to low-noise preamps, loop filters, strain gauge sensors and precision power sources, says Intersil.

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