Highly integrated switch chip supports HDMI 1.3a

San Diego, Calif.—Vativ Technologies is getting ready to sample the VTV2410 4:1 switch chip, which employs its patented VividReach HDMI technology to deliver HDMI 1.3a links over cables up to 40 meters.

The VTV2410 integrates capacitively buffered DDC switching and 1-Kbyte of on-chip, nonvolatile EDID memory. According to Vativ, this level of integration translates into a $2.10 in bill-of-materials savings over discrete implementations and simplifies design of digital TVs.

It is intended for digital TV designs requiring multiple inputs, including noisy front panel connectors. The VTV2410 4:1 switch chip supports up to 4 HDMI 1.3a inputs at deep color rates of 2.25-Gbits/s.

The VTV2410 interfaces to HDMI receivers such as Vativ's VTV231x family or directly to DTV processors with integrated HDMI receivers.

VividReach technology will be demonstrated in the HDMI TechZone Booth # 25705, South Hall 2, Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas, January 7-10.

Availability: Sampling in the first quarter of 2008.

Vativ Technologies Inc.,

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