Hot swap controller with constant current limiting

The MIC2310 is a single-FET, constant power-limit Hot-Plug controller that Micrel has just released to provide constant power limiting in situations that require safe insertion and removal of PC boards. Addressing power-limiting applications such as blade server systems, base stations, high-reliability servers, +12V power distribution backplanes and enterprise switch networks, the MIC2310 suits 240-VA system applications specified by UL60950, EN60950, and CSA1950.

Circuit breaker threshold control circuitry within the MIC2310, which comes in a 24-pin TSSOP package, maintains constant power product (Volt x Amps) at the output. The power product is externally programmable for various power applications (50W ” 600W) and the voltage is monitored at load. Meanwhile, inrush current control and a load current monitor enables a microcontroller to allocate and/or prioritise available power for the downstream system circuits or modules.

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