Hot-swap controller with digital monitor cuts power management costs

Norwood, Mass.&#8212Analog Devices' ADM1175/6/7/8
family of hot-swap controllers with integrated 12-bit ADC-based digital power monitor is designed as a cost-effective solution to protecting multiple line cards from power and thermal transients.

“Today's computing and telecommunications applications require innovative solutions that address an increasing need for power,” said Pat Meehan, product line manager for Power System Management. “These new products alleviate much of the strain these blade-based structures are facing. In doing so, designers now have access to solutions that address the power-hungry nature of these applications, maintaining system reliability without having to increase cost or sacrifice performance.”

The chips, suited to blade servers, blade PCs, and advanced telecom computing architecture (ATCA) cards, are full-feature hot-swap controllers that allow boards to be safely inserted and removed from a 2.7- to 14-volt backplane. They provide precise, robust, current-limiting protection against short-circuits and over-voltage and under-voltage conditions, allowing the system engineer to precisely monitor the power profile of each individual line card within a designated rack system. Communications to the power monitor is via an on-board I2 C port.

The power monitoring feature of the ADM1175 is enabled by an integrated current-sense amplifier, which detects the voltage across the sense resistors in the power path; and the 12-bit A/D converter, which measures current on the sense resistors and supply voltage (Vcc pin) and sends the data to the system's (external) controller. The ADM1175, ADM1177 and ADM1178 offer four I2 C addresses, whereas the ADM1176 offers 16 addresses.

Click here for the device datasheet. The ADM117x family is sampling now, with full production scheduled for June. The devices, in a 10-lead MSOP and specified for operation over the -40 to +85&degC range, are priced starting at $2.50 per unit in 1k-piece quantities.

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