Hot-swap IC manages 3G wireless and beyond

Dallas—Texas Instruments says its TPS2358/TPS2359 dual-slot hot-swap controllers, suited to applications ranging from 3G/Beyond 3G wireless base stations, network equipment, and high-end data communications, are the industry's first single-chip devices that are fully compliant with AdvancedTCA (ATCA)/MicroTCA specs for multiple-voltage advanced mezzanine cards (AdvancedMC).

“Internet capacity and the growth of wireless networks continue to place pressure on equipment makers and designers to adopt the ATCA or MicroTCA standards,” said Jim Bird, TI systems engineer and board member of the ATCA and MicroTCA standards committees. “The TPS2359 and TPS2358 are the only multiple-voltage output hot swap controllers compliant to ATCA and MicroTCA.” The PCI Industrial Computing Manufacturers Group (PICMG) released ATCA as an open standard in 2002 to address the growth and changes in the communications infrastructure market. MicroTCA was developed as a follow-on standard, further extending the ATCA open platform into applications requiring scalability and redundancy in distributed environments.

The I2 C-programmable TPS2359 performs all necessary power interface functions for two AdvancedMCs while eliminating up to 75 percent of the components required in competing solutions. Enabling “plug-and-play” insertion and removal of AdvancedMCs during system operation, the device's two fully integrated 3.3-volt channels provide inrush control, over-current protection and FET OR-ing control functionality. In addition, two 12-volt channels provide the same functions using external FETs and sense resistors. The controller's 3.3-volt current limits are set at the factory to AdvancedMC-compliant levels and the 12-volt current limits can be programmed using external resistors.

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The TPS2359's OR-ing control capability simplifies power design for MicroTCA power modules or other implementations that manage redundant power in the AdvancedMC slot. Used with a low RDS-on n-channel MOSFET, the controller manages power distribution and protects the system from reverse-current and transient events. Turn-on response is just 130 ns.

Digital configuration and monitoring
The controller's I2 C interface allows a designer to digitally configure and monitor the AdvancedMC hot swap solution over a two-wire bus and with fewer required external components and pins. This interface programs current-limit, fast-trip threshold, and fault time. The TPS2359 also features enable or disable of the OR-ing, multi-channel cross-connect, and auto-retry. For basic applications, TI also offers the TPS2358 (no digital interface), which provides dedicated output pins and configuration capability using external components.

Datasheet : Click here.

Pricing and availability : The TPS2359, in a 36-pin PQFN package, has a suggested resale price of $5.00 in 1,000-piece quantities. The TPS2358 is available in a 48-pin QFN with a suggested resale price of $4.00 in 1,000-piece quantities. Evaluation modules of the TPS2358/9, design application notes and a new Power Management Guide are available for download at

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