Hot swap manager supports 3.3V and 12V channels in AdvancedMC slots

LONDON — Texas Instruments has started sampling what it says is the first single-chip, dual-slot hot swap manager for mezzanine card used in AdvancedTCA (ATCA) and MicroTCA systems.

The device is targeted at improving the flexibility and performance of hot swap power management design in applications ranging from 3G and next generation wireless base stations and network equipment to high-end data communications.

Dubbed the TPS2359, the controller performs all necessary power interface functions for two AdvancedMC slots, while requiring the fewest possible external components.

TI says the controller eliminates up to 75 percent of the components required in competing solutions. The part has two integrated 3.3-V channels that provide inrush control, over-current protection and FET ORing control functionality. In addition, two 12-V channels provide the same functions using external FETs and sense resistors.

The controller's 3.3-V current limits are set at the factory to AdvancedMC-compliant levels and the 12-V current limits can be programmed using external resistors.

The integrated ORing control capability simplifies power design for MicroTCA power modules or other implementations that manage redundant power in the AdvancedMC slot. When used with a low Rdson N-channel MOSFET, the controller seamlessly manages power distribution, while protecting the system from potentially dangerous reverse-current or transient events by providing an extremely fast turn-off response of 130 nanoseconds.

The controller's I2C interface allows a designer to digitally configure and monitor the AdvancedMC hot swap solution over a two-wire bus — and with fewer required external components and pins. This interface programs current limit, fast-trip threshold and fault time. The TPS2359 also features enable or disable of the ORing, multi-channel cross-connect and auto-retry.

For digital power supply systems, this allows designers to better manage the system's overall performance. For example, a hot swap solution with the TPS2359 can alert the system of any over-current, fast-trip and current-limit situation. For designers who do not want to use a digital interface, TI offers the TPS2358 controller with dedicated output pins and configuration capability using external components.

The TPS2359 comes in a 36-pin, PQFN package while the 2358 is available in a 48-pin QFN.

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