Hot swap power management controllers save real estate

Two advanced power management integrated circuits (ICs) from Freescale Semiconductor are available now to help designers of telecommunication and networking equipment reduce board space and cut system costs.

Freescale’s MC34652 and MC34653 single-chip hot swap controllers provide the load current control and protection needed to help prevent severe and permanent damage that could result from power surges. This is important for users of telecom and networking systems, servers, electronic circuit breakers and central office switching equipment who need the ability to insert or remove circuit boards in live -48 volt back planes without powering down the system. These devices also are designed to provide system protection by intelligently limiting any inrush current that might damage equipment.

The MC34652 and MC34653 hot swap controllers also minimize the need for external components by integrating the power metal oxide semiconductor field effect transistor (MOSFET) required by most applications. This integration, with compact packaging, may reduce the board space required by most other hot swap solutions by more than 60 percent. These features can assist system designers in creating small, cost-effective boards or provide new or enhanced system features in existing board space.

Both the MC34652 and MC34653 integrate a power MOSFET to control the load. Other features include:
* Maximum output current of 2.0 Amps on the MC34652, 1.0 Amp on the MC34653
* Input voltage operation range from -15 volts to -80 volts on the MC34652, -39 volts to -74 volts on the MC34653
* Over-current limiting with auto retry (default or programmable)
* Charging current limit independent of load capacitor (default or programmable)
* Start-up and retry delay timer (programmable option on the MC34652)
* Over-voltage and under-voltage detection (programmable option on the MC34652)
* Active high- and low-power good output signals
* Disable input control
* Thermal shutdown

* Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) compliant

Production quantities of both devices are available now. The MC34652 is in a 16-lead small outline integrated circuit (SOIC) narrow body package for a suggested resale price of $2.15 (USD) in 1,000-piece quantities. Housed in an eight-lead SOIC narrow body package, the MC34653 has a suggested resale price of $1.82 (USD) in 1,000-piece quantities.

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