Hubwoo Consumerizes Enterprise Procurement

Hubwoo announces a new paradigm for usability in procurement technology for both on-premise and cloud-based procurement solutions.

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PARIS, March 14, 2012

PARIS , March 14, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Hubwoo (Euronext: HBW.NX), a leading global provider of Cloud Procurement solutions powered by SAP® software, today announced a partnership with Simplifying-IT ( and immediate availability of a suite of user adoption acceleration solutions that make it easier for employees to utilize procurement business applications.


Enterprise procurement software has struggled between the diverging objectives of robust functionality needed by the procurement organization versus the ease of use required for adoption by all of a company's employees.  Today's business professionals are able to go home at night and search, shop, and transact on consumer web sites with zero training.  That same paradigm is now available at work with the introduction of Hubwoo's Simplicity Package .  Hubwoo has embedded Simplifying-IT's simple requisitioning user interface into its cloud procurement solutions.  By doing so, users can take advantage of an intuitive user experience along with the rich functionality of Hubwoo's cloud procurement solutions, powered by SAP® software.  The partnership also includes a Simplicity Package foruser-friendly requisitioning from companies' on-premise SAP ERP or on-premise modular SAP procurement solutions.

Hubwoo's user adoption solutions include:

Simplicity Package
A dramatically simplified user interface is now available for requisitioning, shopping cart creation, order status checking, goods receipts, and approval processing.  This new user interface dramatically simplifies and enhances the end-user experience within SAP procurement solutions to save time, increase user adoption, and compliance. 

The Business Network
The Business Network is Hubwoo's global collaboration network that enables electronic collaboration with a company's entire trading partner base.  Hubwoo provides a turnkey service to electronically connect buyers to all of their suppliers.  The user adoption benefit is that all of a buyer's approved suppliers can be made available for electronic procurement and invoicing.  This eliminates user frustration of not finding approved suppliers and the resulting off-contract spending that still plagues most eProcurement implementations in the industry today.

Catalog Manager & Search
Catalog Manager and Search are Hubwoo's best in class catalog content management and search engine solutions that accelerate user adoption by enabling users to find the right goods and services instantly.

  • Catalog Manager enables catalog management capabilities for buyers and suppliers to deliver high quality content and approved pricing for maximum spend capture and contract compliance.  Catalog update responsibilities are given to suppliers, allowing buyers to scale catalog usage and reduce their effort down to just auditing and approval to maximize spend category rollout.
  • Search is a multi-supplier search engine that brings the graphical search and selection experience of the consumer world to corporate procurement.  Through a single search engine, users have access to their approved goods and services – catalog suppliers, service forms, supplier hosted content, and contracts stored in their enterprise contract systems.  Search allows users to find the correct goods and services the first time.

Greg Mark , Hubwoo CEO, commented: “We are pleased to take the on-line consumerized user experience that employees are familiar with in their personal lives and bring that to the workplace.  Our partnership with Simplifying-IT, along with Hubwoo's Business Network solutions, drive ease of use for procurement users in any deployment model, including companies that are running an on-premise ERP-based procurement solution.”

About Hubwoo (

Hubwoo is the world's leading provider of on-demand procurement solutions for the SAP community.  The Company manages The Business Network with over 200,000 active suppliers and over 150 major international corporations as buyer customers of which 50+ are in the Global 1000.  Significant customers include Honeywell, Shell, Evonik, EDF, Nokia, Monsanto, Michelin, Henkel, Statoil, The Hershey Company, CONSOL Energy, EcoPetrol, Carl Zeiss , Burton's Foods, and The Dow Chemical Company. 
Hubwoo has major operations in France , multiple U.S. centers, Germany , the U.K., Philippines , Belgium , and Eastern Europe .
Listed in Compartment C on the Euronext Paris Eurolist.
ISIN: FR0004052561 , Euronext: HBW , Reuters: HBWO.PA , Bloomberg: HBW:FP

About Simplifying-IT (

Simplifying-IT partners with our customers to achieve their desired return on investment.  Our team members understand both the business side as well as the technical side.  In the SAP area, each core team member has 15+ years business and technical experience with 10+ years hands-on SAP experience.  The management team all share a common goal… make business applications more user friendly and provide enhanced functionality so customers can leverage their existing investment. We are experts in making sure your project stays on track and we aim to exceed your expectations. We know what it takes to get a project delivered on time and within budget and will do whatever it takes to ensure your project is a major success!


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