Huntkey Show at CeBIT a Great Success

HANNOVER, Germany , March 3 /PRNewswire-Asia/ — Huntkey took its line-up
products and gave audiences a great show at CeBIT this year. “Providing
customers with safe, stable, and functional products is Huntkey's aim,” Alva
, Huntkey Global Marketing Manager said. This year, Huntkey has stayed true
to its mission, with its blue and white fresh design distinguishing it from so
many booths. Besides power supply and PC cases, Huntkey has its first consumer
products display in CeBIT.

The 80PLUS power supply ranges from 350W to 1200W. All of them have no
more than 20% power consumption. The 1200W 80PLUS Gold power supply has no
more than 13% power consumption when it is used, which means it is more energy
saving, more environmentally friendly and more economical. In addition, the X7
900W certified 80PLUS SILVER again attracts many visitors because it has 900W
rated power with better quality but a more competitive price.

As for PC cases, besides the traditional middle-end stable case, Huntkey
is also featuring a Mini-ITX case and gamer-looking cases such as the H403 and
H202. Both black cool designs meet most DIY users' tastes. Moreover, H202 has
a fire-new ventilation design, brilliant LED lighting design and LED display
screen. Larger extending room makes it highly attractive to gamers.

As for consumer products, Huntkey showed not only universal “green”
notebook adapters and power strips, but also multi-functional chargers. Some
of these chargers have USB functions and some of them are made just for the
iPad and iPhone. They follows the trends of the “Apple.” In terms of power
strips, Huntkey has also taken this opportunity to show consumers the highly
functional nature of the company's products. Power strips with USB function,
smart master-slave control function (automatic power on/off for computer
peripherals) and with surge protection for both Net and TV are suitable for

For more detailed information, please visit the Huntkey booth at Hall 17

    For more information, please contact:

     Alva Li

SOURCE Huntkey Enterprise Group

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