IC provides 3A to power microprocessor

The 34702 from Freescale is a monolithic IC providing an efficient means of obtaining power for the Freescale Semiconductor PowerQUICC I and II microprocessor families and other advanced microprocessors.

The IC incorporates a high-performance synchronous switching regulator. The regulator is capable of delivering 3.0 A to power the microprocessor's core and linear circuitry to control an external low-drop FET for powering the microprocessor's I/O operations. Both regulator output voltages are independently adjustable.

A boost converter allows high-accuracy output voltages to be developed from source operating voltages as low as 2.8 V. Seven ±1.0% output voltage margining steps are provided to facilitate easy system development.

MC34702 Features
* I2 C with address register selection for programming control
* Programmable internal Watchdog and Power-ON Reset to ensure MCU performance integrity
* Synchronous buck converter with cycle-by-cycle PWM current mode control for enhanced output voltage accuracy
* Boost converter for enhanced low-voltage performance
* Adjustable switching regulator output voltage via external resistor divider
* External RC programmed Reset Power-UP Delay timer

MC34702 data sheet

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