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Disruptive 2.0 Mobile Social Networking Technology Platforms: Social, Dating, Employment, Business, Enterprise, Public Figure (tweet), Video Chat & Social Gaming

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CHICAGO, July 25, 2012

CHICAGO , July 25, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — ICAP Patent Brokerage, a division of ICAP plc and the world's largest intellectual property brokerage firm and organizer of ICAP Ocean Tomo Auctions, is offering for sale a unique opportunity to acquire an expansive and disruptive intellectual property portfolio and comprehensive user interface website designs in the multi-billion dollar field of mobile social networking, dating, business networking and services, resumes and employment, public figure networking (tweet services), enterprise social, social text and video chat services, and social video games.  


Mobile devices are the future technology platform for all social and business networking activity. Currently, all of the leading social and business sites, services, applications and networks are heavily investing in and adapting their platforms and services to provide optimum mobile functionality, user experience, advertising and revenue models, and performance on mobile devices.  Competitive advantage and exclusive patent rights in mobile social and business technologies are key to sustainable long term success.

This new 2.0 multi-genre mobile network platform and associated intellectual property portfolio provides a critical, first-to-market advantage with new numerous globally tangible technologies, systems, network specific functions, advertising methods,  revenue models, ecosystems, and social connectivity improvements. Unlike many technological innovations, the advantages and uses of this platform are clearly demonstrable to both the mass market user and expert alike.

The software platform's uniquely flexible architecture and associated IP rights allow for introduction of entirely new 2.0 mass market platforms in the areas of social, business, employment, public figure texting, video chat networks and dating. Advantageously, the resulting technology platforms can also be incorporated (directly or via API) into all of the major existing mass market social, dating, employment and business sites and services.

Technology Summary
Icons are the key element to efficient mobile functionality, touch screen navigation and comprehension.  Words and text are one dimensional and cannot be interacted with or expanded. They are, indeed, static. A pillar innovation of the platform is a reinvention of every user's online “identity” from static text and paragraphs into a mobile friendly and more powerful personal representation.  This exciting new technology replaces antiquated static text-based profiles and resumes originating from “typewriter and paper technology” with a modernized functional and interactive icon-based user profile and or resume formatted for the social network type and organized into categories. Further each profile icon directly links to unique network functionality and social connectivity.'s “true” 2.0 social, dating, tweeting and business networking platform's patent pending technology portfolio and completed UI designs dramatically reinvents the way people present themselves online and provides social networking opportunities based on their selected profile icons.'s  platform replaces antiquated and static “text-based personal profiles and resumes” found in every genre of social, dating and business networking system and offers a novel, dynamic, and interactive icon-based user profile splash page containing a user's selected icons, organized into categories that tell the world who you are, what you do, and what you are into. Each icon in a user's profile links and matches users to icon specific communities, marketplaces, icon-specific news feeds, video content and icon-based text and video chat rooms.  Highly matches users are highlighted and presented to each other in searches and in the active icon communities.

A user's Icon profile is easily created, customized, and updated with the site's icon profile creator tool. The icon profile creator is formatted for the social network type selected by the user, such as dating or business. The user can add customizations and preferences to any of their profile icons such as: skill or passion level, goals, a brief text description, images, videos, contact methods, and potential availability to further ensure highly accurate compatibility with other members. The customized icon information is displayed in interactive pop-ups when the icon is touched.  These customized icon preferences are also added to the user's search and matching criteria.   A user's Icon profiles' “splash page” is not just a collection of static icons. Each Icon in a user's profile is interactive, functional and linked to various features, icon based advertising & concierge services, social communities and social technologies, such as video chat and social gaming, matching and search systems.  The icon profile format is ideal for getting to know a wide range of information and compatibility points in just seconds. This innovation provides most convenient and effective way to meet and learn about new people in any “online” environment.

The icon profiles, technology, feature sets, and communities are formatted and customized for each platform genre such as business, employment, dating, new friends and interests, celebrity/public figure “tweet” services, video and text chat, and video gaming.

Technical Abstract
A novel icon-based interactive personal profile, search, and matching system configured within social network platforms (such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Career Builder, and Match) and social network technologies (such as text and video chat and social gaming) enabling a user to create  a personalized interactive icon-based user profile optimized for display and social network functionality on mobile devices.

The icon profile system utilizes and integrates user-selected personalized profile icons and the associated icon specific user preferences for searching, compatibility-matching, invitations, communities, concierge services, advertisements, and calendar functions. In certain social networks, icons from a user's profile elements are utilized to aggregate matching users together based on a selected common profile icon, a local area,  and in further environments (such as video and text chat rooms and video broadcasting) the system will automatically compare and report compatibility between unknown users, which vastly improves and expands social network functionality.  

Social network genres created, improved, and expanded by this technology

  • Business/Enterprise/Professional Networking & Events (LinkedIn, Plaxo, Meet Up)
  • Business Employment (Career Builder, Monster, Ladders)
  • Business Services (Elance, Guru)
  • Existing Friend Social Networks (Facebook, Google+, Myspace)
  • Singles & Dating Services (Match, Eharmony, Zoosk)
  • Public Figure Broadcasting & Marketing (Twitter)
  • Social/Mobile Gaming (Zynga, Foursquare)
  • Social Video & Text Chat (Tiny Chat, Tumblr, Skype)
  • New Friend and Interests Networking (Untapped Mass Market)
  • Vanity Pages (Pinterest, About me, Flavors) 
  • Travel & Leisure Providers (Trippy)

Seller Background
The seller and creator of these platform designs and portfolio rights has extensive intellectual property experience and success, including independently patenting and licensing core technology relating to globally known multibillion dollar products.  The patent applications were professionally prepared by Lowenstein Sandler , a top New York /New Jersey law firm. The intellectual property rights were prepared in tandem with the technology's beta platform's user interface design by a private incubator development team. These extensive UI designs and techniques, which are included in the sale, were customized and adapted and patented specifically for each major social network genre. The portfolio of intellectual property rights and user interface designs have not previously been publicly disclosed or shopped for venture funding. 

IP Rights Summary
This expertly prepared intellectual property portfolio consists of 5 patent applications.  The portfolio offering contains 4 pending US applications and 1 PCT application with a priority date of May 2011.  Each 100+ page patent application is specifically directed at establishing primary technology rights in major mass market social and business network genres.

Prospective Buyers & IP Strategies
Due to the broad scope of influence of this platform and portfolio across all social and business networks and technologies, the ideal buyer for this intellectual property portfolio and user interface design would be a current social or business network market leader who is seeking and currently investing in cutting edge mobile technology solutions in order to preserve and expand their leadership position. Alternately, the portfolio and service is also ideal for a large corporation looking for an effective and distinctive multi-genre technology platform to enter business, employment, dating, social networking and other genres with an exclusive and universal mobile social and business network platform.  Since highly detailed personal profile information is collected via the icon profile creation process and use, this new platform creates numerous new and highly effective advertising revenue models beneficial for both owners of the system and users.

The premium buyer desires core foundational rights and methods for a new social network technology platform that offers very visible user benefits within the current social mobile network growth area. The premium buyer gains immediate detailed designs which are applicable to their current existing services in the wired and mobile social network genre. However, since this technology platform innovation is applicable across all social and business network application, the buyer maintains the option to utilize this platform as portal to expand into other related and non-related social network genres or to license or cross-license this technology with other direct or indirect competitors in the social and business network genres.

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