Ideal diode offers increased efficiency for automatic switching

Milpitas, CA – Linear Technology Corporation introduces the LTC4412HV, a robust “ideal diode” controller with at least 10x lower forward voltage than a Schottky diode. As a result, the device provides increased efficiency by an order of magnitude in systems requiring load sharing or automatic switching between DC input power sources. The LTC4412HV is guaranteed to meet performance specifications from -40°C to 125°C ambient temperature range while the operating voltage range is rated from 2.5V to 36V.

The IC regulates the gate voltage of an external P-channel MOSFET to maintain a 20mV forward voltage drop. Compared to a Schottky diode, the LTC4412HV offers the advantages of higher efficiency, less localized heat dissipation and lower dropout voltage.

The LTC4412HV provides reverse battery, overcurrent and MOSFET protection circuitry in a tiny SOT-23 package. In addition, it offers a digital control input and an open-drain status output pin to simplify interfacing to a microcontroller.

Applications include backup power supplies, multiple-slot battery charger equipment, and multiple-cell Li-Ion battery-powered handheld devices, security systems as well as automotive and industrial systems.

Multiple LTC4412HVs can be connected to allow load sharing with automatic switchover of load between two or more input power sources (e.g.: two batteries and a wall adapter DC input). The status pin (STAT) of the LTC4412HV can be used to enable a second P-channel MOSFET power switch so that both Schottky diodes are eliminated from the diode-OR circuit. The IC's ultra low 11 μA quiescent current is independent of the load current. The gate turn-on and turn-off times while driving a 1nF load from a 12V input are 110 μs and 13 μs, respectively.

The LTC4412HV is offered in a 6-lead ThinSOT package (1mm profile SOT-23). The 1,000-piece price starts at $1.70 each.

Summary of Features: LTC4412HV
Very Low Power Loss Replacement for Power Supply ORing Diodes
Minimal External Components (Single Input & Output Capacitors)
Automatic Switching between DC Sources
Simplifies Load Sharing
Protection Circuitry
Status Output Signal Indicates Conducting Input Source
On/Off & Status Control Pin (CTL Pin) for Manual or Microcontroller Interface

Linear Technology Corporation, Tel: 408-432-1900

LTC4412HV Data Sheet

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