IDT 840N202I, 849N202I and 849N212I universal frequency translators devices

Integrated Device Technology Inc. has started to sample flexible Universal Frequency Translators (UFTs) with high phase-noise performance that are easy to configure and allow for output frequencies that are not limited by the traditional integer or fractional multiples of the input frequency.

The IDT 840N202I, 849N202I and 849N212I UFT devices accept a wide range of input frequencies from 8kHz to 710MHz and translate them into output frequencies from 1MHz – 1.3GHz , without the limitation of an integer relationship between input and output.

They are well-suited for high-performance applications where multiple frequency translations are needed, such as communications line cards and networking equipment, that carry multi-service traffic, as well as in embedded systems, and 4G wireless base-stations.

The devices feature the capability to adjust the degree of jitter attenuation performed, allowing the same device to be used in multiple applications or scenarios without the need to change components on the circuit board. RMS jitter for many translation scenarios is less than 0.5 picoseconds (ps) and sometimes less than 0.3ps, according to IDT.

With a simple and intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) programming tool, users can quickly configure output frequencies and mode of operation and generate the configurations that can then be permanently stored in the device. Furthermore, the IDT UFT family supports two redundant inputs that can be switched automatically in the event of a failure on the primary input. The user is also able to control the rate of phase change on the output as the device switches between the inputs to optimize the handoff.

The IDT 840N202I, 849N202I, 849N212I UFT devices are currently sampling to qualified customers and are available in a 6x6mm 40-ld QFN package.

Datasheets:   849N202I and 849N212I

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