IDT debuts first multi-monitor support chip for DisplayPort

Integrated Device Technology, Inc. (IDT) today announced the PanelPort VMM1300 ViewXpand chip, claiming the title as the first VESA DisplayPort-based controller providing complete high-definition multi-monitor capability without the need for an additional graphics card.

Targeting notebooks, docking stations, standalone dongles or DisplayPort-compatible monitors, the chip drives multiple monitors from a single digital output port for each application, such as gaming, graphics design or spreadsheet analysis. Alternatively, the user can choose to dedicate each monitor to a separate application.

Features include full high-definition compatibility with no latencies, no system upgrades required, configurable for hub- or daisy-chain modes, support for up to three monitors with automatic detection and resolution adjustment.

It supports HDCP1.3 content protection to play back Blu-ray and DVD movies and according to the company consumes little power, though no specifics were provided on this.

Pricing and availability

The IDT VMM1300 PanelPort device is available in 148-pin 11mm x 11mm QFN package. The device is priced at $15 in quantities of 10,000. For additional information on the IDT VMM1300 device, visit

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