IDT : PCIe Gen 2 switching solutions support multicast functionality

IDT® (Integrated Device Technology, Inc.) announces the availability of two new PCI Express® (PCIe®) Gen 2 switching solutions that extend the company’s product and technology leadership position. Optimised for computing and embedded applications, the new solutions are based on proven, robust IDT switching architecture and technology, and support multicast functionality for increased system resource utilisation.

The two new devices – a 32 lane, 8 port and a 48 lane, 12 port – are the latest member of the industry’s broadest PCIe Gen2 switching solution portfolio. Both new devices support PCIe multicast functionality, which allows any switch port to simultaneously send identical data to two or more switch ports, increasing system resource utilisation by decreasing the previously required hardware and software overhead needed to send copies of data in a looped manner. This extension of the PCIe standard ensures consistency in data and table information among multiple system elements and extends the reach of PCIe into emerging enterprise computing and embedded applications requiring robust data coherency and sharing.

The IDT Gen2 PCIe switches are fully compliant with the PCI-SIG® PCIe base specification 2.0 and provide customers the option of doubling the throughput bandwidth of existing PCIe lanes to 5Gbit/s data transfer, for cutting-edge designs or allowing a 50% reduction in the number of PCIe lanes and board traces necessary to support link throughput requirements for a more cost effective design.

Each of the IDT PCIe switching solutions has a dedicated evaluation and development kit for device testing and analysis, and system emulation. IDT also provides customers with extensive, collaborative technical support including system modelling and signal integrity analyses, and schematic and layout review services.

The 32 lane, 8 port 89PES32T8G2 device is packaged in a 484ball ball grid array (BGA), and the 48 lane, 12 poer 89PES48T12G2 is packaged in a 676ball BGA.

About IDT

With the goal of continuously improving the digital media experience, IDT integrates its fundamental semiconductor heritage with essential innovation, developing and delivering low-power, mixed-signal solutions that solve customer problems. Headquartered in San Jose, Calif., IDT has design, manufacturing and sales facilities throughout the world.

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