IDT provides power management solution for DisplayPort-based notebooks

IDT® (Integrated Device Technology, Inc.) announces the first solution to feature its Power Smart technology. This solution provides power management technology for DisplayPort®-based notebooks that use a Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) monitor. Moreover, the IDT devices integrate Power Smart technology into existing IDT PanelPortTM solutions, providing customers with prolonged battery life, improved power consumption and increased design flexibility.

Containing three separate chips (VPP1606, VPA2000, VPA1100), this new solution is designed to work in harmony within the LCD monitor. Uniquely integrating together programmable smart power management functionality with IDT core silicon technologies, such as timing controllers, provides an integrated system-level approach to reducing power consumption and prolonging battery life. Optimised for LCD notebooks, the complete power management solution integrates functional blocks, thereby reducing redundancy, increasing system reliability and improving overall performance. No longer do these technologies necessarily need to be simply stand-alone functions, but by integrating the various technologies together, the resulting performance improvement is greater than merely adding the functional blocks onto a single chip. The IDT Power Smart technology truly is ‘smart’ technology.

This unique embedded DisplayPort-based solution combines together a backlight LED driver with an IDT PanelPort timing controller (TCON) into one device, which works in conjunction with a power management IC. A traditional analogue LED driver is implemented in the digital realm eliminating the need for a power-intensive, high-voltage analogue process. The result provides IDT customers with an inherently finer and simpler control of power management functions, for example enabling digital brightness adjustment via the DisplayPort interface. This integration of Power Smart technology not only improves the image quality on the notebook display but also helps to extend battery life and provides designers with increased flexibility by freeing up valuable board space. This implementation also reduces bill of materials and decreases time to market for notebook providers.

The devices are all currently sampling and range in package sizes from 8-pin DFN to 64-pin QFN. For more information on pricing and package size, please visit

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With the goal of continuously improving the digital media experience, IDT integrates its fundamental semiconductor heritage with essential innovation, developing and delivering low-power, mixed-signal solutions that solve customer problems. Headquartered in San Jose, Calif., IDT has design, manufacturing and sales facilities throughout the world.

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