IDT targets micro and pico base stations with PPS Gen 2

IDT announced the first pre-processing solution for modular, low cost, scalable and flexible 3G base stations. PPS Gen 2 was developed to meet data acceleration needs and reduced cost requirements of scalable base stations for 3G and beyond, where generic and custom switching options alone fall short.

PPS Gen 2 targets micro and pico base stations that today service 80% of the existing market, providing local capacity and sparsely-populated area service respectively. The key to providing the same services to these market segments as is available in high-end base stations is scalability and flexibility for modular reuse of such key design elements as baseband processing subsystems.

Leveraging the serial RapidIO (sRIO) interconnect standard, PPS Gen 2 also offers a reduced port count and rich features set, and is optimized for the support of small DSP clusters in micro and pico base stations. It optimally distributes data to the DSP cluster to prevent bottlenecks and it performs end-point functions such as lower-level data manipulation, enabling the DSP to support higher value-added services and differentiating algorithms. Customers can deploy the modular low cost, scalable and flexible macro, micro and pico stations for cost-effective 3G communications.

The PPS family boosts base station performance by up to 20% by offloading DSPs, FPGAs, or ASICs of particular bandwidth-intensive tasks. The PPS Gen 2 supports four pre-processing blocks via three 4x ports or up to 12 1x ports, with the flexibility necessary to connect among 4x and 1x ports. Each port can be configured for 3.125 Gbaud, 2.5 Gbaud, or 1.25 Gbaud. The previous version, PPS Gen 1 remains ideal for macro base stations, supporting 10 pre-processing blocks via 10 4x ports or up to 22 1x ports.

IDT PPS solutions are supported by ATCA- and MicroATCA-compatible dedicated development platforms, designed in conjunction with TI. Each kit supports all other IDT preprocessing solutions and s-RIO enabled solutions such as the 10G Serial Buffer and enables designers to tune system and component configurations to meet system requirements. IDT also provides extensive collaborative support, including system modeling and signal integrity analyses and schematic and layout review services.

The PPS Gen 2–80KSW0001–is available in the same RoHS 676-ball BGA 27 mm x 27 mm flip-chip package as the PPS Gen 1, or in a RoHS 324-ball BGA 19 mm x 19mm, reducing package size for space-constrained applications. It is currently sampling and is priced at $55 in 10,000 unit quantities.

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