IGBT module withstands voltages of 600-V

Worcester, Mass.—Allegro has introduced a series in its Inverter Power Module (IPM) product line that is designed for applications in variable speed control and power inverter systems.

Allegro's SCM1100M series has a 100 to 240 VAC input voltage, and a 5- to 15-A output current. The SCM1100M series can withstand voltages of up to 600 V (IGBT breakdown voltage) to effectively control three-phase motor inverters used to drive motors of residential and commercial appliances.

The SCM1100M series employs a small-footprint DIP package with exposed thermal pad for enhanced power dissipation capacity. The IC consists of all of the necessary power elements: six IGBTs, three pre-drive ICs, and six fly-back diodes, needed to configure the main circuit of an inverter, as well as a bootstrap circuit (three bootstrap diodes and three boot resistors) as a high-side drive power supply. This enables the main circuit of the inverter to be configured with fewer external components.

The SCM1100M series supports the 3-shunt method, in which a shunt resistor is used in each phase. Consequently, this enables small currents to be detected and accurate inverter control to be achieved, contributing to low motor noise. In addition, each of the three phases contains an over-current protection circuit, and a function that prevents simultaneous turn-on of both high-side and low-side IGBTs.

According to Allegro, using the SCM1100M series with the 3-shunt method reduces component quantity the area of the application PCB used for the main circuit of the inverter.

Pricing: In quantities of 1,000: SCM1101M: $8.80; SCM1103M: $8.30; SCM1104M: $8.50; SCM1105MF: $9.70; SCM1106M: $8.80; and SCM1110MF: $9.70.
Availability: 12-week typical lead time.
Datasheet: click here.

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