IHSE USA Introduces New Extenders for the ‘Draco™ Major’ DVI KVM Matrix Switch

LAS VEGAS , June 7 /PRNewswire/ — Infocomm — IHSE USA introduces the first ever combined CATx  and Fiber switching system for the Broadcast, Post Production Editing, and Data Center Markets.  The Draco Major DVI KVM Matrix switch combined with IHSE USA's new Draco Extenders offers increased performance, better ergonomics, reduced power usage as well as the ability to mix and match CATx and or Fiber connections between user consoles and target video sources.  No other KVM switch manufacturer can connect video sources from distances of miles to a KVM switch via fiber optic cable and switch to a user console connected via a copper CATx cable without a media adapter/translator.  The new Draco Extenders provide transparent connections between fiber and copper infrastructures, thus offering the greatest flexibility of deployment available today.

In addition to the seamless medium translation, IHSE USA's new Draco Extenders offer increased performance through doubled compression efficiency and optimized memory access for maximum frame rate at 1920×1200 resolutions.  

All connection ports have been located on the same side of the CPU or Console unit for ease of cabling and rack space ergonomics.

EDID and DDC transmission is now accessible via a simple Hot Key sequence at the console.

Optimized GPU and Monitor sensing make it a greener device by providing reduced energy usage and operating temperatures so cool that no fans are required.

Integration of 3rd party HID input devices such as Wacom tablets are seamlessly supported.

These new Draco Extenders combined with the Draco Major DVI KVM Switch provide the features and performance at a price point long awaited by the Broadcast & Post Production Editing market.

IHSE USA, Where German Engineering Meets KVM


IHSE USA, based out of Monroe New Jersey , with manufacturing facility out of Germany , is a leading innovator in DVI and KVM/Video extension and switching solutions,. We offer a complete line of “Made in Germany ” DVI video extenders over CATx or Fiber for “mission critical” server and computer access, as well as, fiber optic KVM matrix switches. Our Draco line of DVI matrix switches is the only multi-medium switch on the market, capable of mixing both CATx and Fiber Optic connections between source and target stations.

For over 26 years, IHSE has been developing new and innovative ways to support next generation products for video extenders, switchers, and signal management.

Our technology is deployed worldwide by public, private and governmental organizations. IHSE USA sells directly and through reseller, VAR, and Distribution channels. Our vertical markets include digital signage, government and military, broadcast and post-production, medical imaging, oil and gas industry, banking and brokerage, and data centers.

IHSE USA is privately held and headquartered in Monroe, New Jersey with a Regional Sales office in Austin, Texas .

The following are trademarks of IHSE, GmbH and its affiliates: Draco™major, Draco™minor and the IHSE USA logo.


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