Improve your golf game with your iPhone 4/4s and Rokform’s Golf Shooter™

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SANTA ANA, Calif., June 25, 2012

SANTA ANA, Calif. , June 25, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Rokform® LLC. announces the first Golf Specific iPhone 4/4s case mount for recording golf swings on and off the course.  In a collaborative effort with PGA Tour professional players and instructors, Rokform® has produced what could be considered the best product in the world of golf swing video analyses.


The Rokform® Golf Shooter™ for the iPhone 4/4s lets you instantly mount your iPhone 4/4s for steady swing recordings on and off the course.  The Golf Shooter™ simply sticks into the turf while the iPhone 4/4s is securely mounted using the included award-winning Rokbed™ v3 protective iPhone 4/4s case. “I use the Rokform® Golf Shooter™ as part of my regular teaching program and my students can use it out on the course.  I can see what is going on with their swings in real world settings.  As a golf game improvement tool, I have not found anything better, or easier to use in my 20 years of teaching,” said Bob Townsend of San Diego Golf Institute.

The Rokform® Golf Shooter™ gives pros and amateurs alike the ability to view their golf swings without expensive equipment.  “Every time I went to the range I saw players asking fellow golfers to take iPhone video of their swing.  To me this seemed like a big hassle not only for the player swinging but the one taking the video!  The Rokform® Golf Shooter™ not only eliminates the need for a second person it allows the player to get a precise, consistent, down the line view of their swing.  With all the free and or low-cost golf swing Aps available, you can have what used to cost thousands of dollars in your bag at all times for under $130!” said Jeff Whitten , VP of Rokform.

Launched in January 2011 Rokform has quickly established itself in the industry by manufacturing uniquely designed and engineered products for the iPhone and iPad.  Rokform products include billet aluminum and polycarbonate iPhone 4/4s cases, screen protectors, lanyards and stands. Rokform products are available through select resellers and

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