IMS2015 – Demo Setup and the First Day

The IMS2015 show is already off to a great start here in sunny Phoenix, Arizona and I hope that those of you attending are enjoying it so far. It is absolutely beautiful weather here with temperatures hovering in the upper 80s to low 90s. From my past experiences living in Phoenix that is great weather for this time of the year. I have seen 100 degree temperatures by early April so I am thrilled with the beautiful weather. I hope those in attendance are also enjoying the pleasant temperatures and perhaps getting in a nice morning jog or a late evening stroll through downtown Phoenix.

Let’s move on to some technical talk and look at what has gone on thus far around the IMS show here in Phoenix. We left off with a preview of what was to come with the show from my perspective as an applications engineer at ADI. One of the things that is critical to a successful show is making sure that the planned demonstration is up and running prior to the show. On the Monday before the show begins we take time to get all the demonstrations up and running and make a walk through so that everyone at the booth is aware of the other demonstrations so attendees entering the booth can be properly directed to their product of interest.

This year ADI has a wide array of demonstrations taking place in two booths. There is a larger 20 x 40 booth showcasing products from mm Wave radar to wideband receivers to synchronized data converters to transceivers and on to PLLs and VCOs. The 10 x 20 booth where my demonstration is located has more of an aerospace/defense flavor and has products ranging from the RF ADC and high speed clock that I am showing to a 2 kW X band amplifier to a KA band upconverter and also an X band radar exciter. Of course, prior to this walk through all the demonstrations need to get up and running.

I set about getting my demonstration up and running early on Monday morning around 9AM. I had half of my demonstration running by around 11AM (which was the RF ADC portion). The demonstration itself did not take that much time, but I spent time helping with general booth setup as well. I took a short break for lunch in order to catch up with some former colleagues that still work in the Phoenix area. One of the many great things about coming to a conference like IMS is that one can see familiar faces at the show and learn that many times folks have now changed roles or companies and may be wearing a new company shirt after having changed jobs from their previous company. I thoroughly enjoyed catching up with former colleagues over lunch and generally being out and about in the city of Phoenix.

One of my past places of employment brought me through Phoenix so it is especially a pleasure to return to familiar territory for this blogger. After a nice lunch it was back to work at the booth getting the second half of my demonstration up and running (the high speed clock). As typically is the case, the best laid plans sometimes don’t pan out and I had a shortage of one piece of equipment, an N-type to SMA cable. As it turns out I had packed one cable but needed two.

Nevertheless I was able to use the cable I had brought along by just switching it out of my ADC demonstration temporarily to verify that the high speed clock was working. However, I still needed to have two cables for both demonstrations to run simultaneously. Thankfully, one of my colleagues at ADI had brought an extra cable that I was able to use and I successfully got both demonstrations up and running. With demonstrations all ready to go we each walked through the various stations to familiarize ourselves with the various products that are being showcased. With this we were all ready to head into day one of the IMS show.

As is pretty typical from what I’ve found in the few years I’ve attended the IMS show, the first morning is a bit slow for traffic on the exhibit floor. As the day moved on the traffic became steadier but was really not bustling at any given time. I had some great interactions with customers throughout the day ranging from presidents/CEOs of small companies interested in the performance of the RF ADC that I am demonstrating to university students inquiring of our latest technology. Due to the aerospace/defense flavor of the booth, most customers were working on products in this application space. We did have a few folks drop by the booth whom we redirected to our larger 20 x 40 booth that were looking for DACs, PLLs, and transceiver products.

In addition to these customers, I had the opportunity to meet the editors for Microwave Products Digest as well as Microwave Journal. I walked through and explained the demonstration to these folks and had some great conversation as well. It is always great to meet the editors of publications and ‘put a face to a name.’ It is quite nice to be able to meet the folks you spend most of the time communicating with via only email. It helps to be able to have more of a personal relationship. Such things are generally much easier to form via personal interaction than they can be over email or phone calls alone.

I also had the pleasure of meeting many folks from within ADI that I had not previously had the chance to meet. One of which came by to do a video of my demonstration at the booth. I’d encourage you to take a look at the ADI YouTube channel in order to see the videos of the various demonstrations ADI is presenting at the IMS show. These should all be uploaded by sometime next week so even if you aren’t able to attend the show you can at least see what ADI is presenting this week. You don’t have to go to the ADI Youtube channel just to look at the IMS videos. There is a lot of great content on there to explore on various topics; take a peek, you might learn something new!

I’d be remiss if I didn’t take the time to mention that after a long day of spent on the exhibit hall floor it was nice to take some time to relax at the roof top event hosted by Keysight. Keysight once again did a great job hosting a nice dinner buffet and providing a relaxed, casual atmosphere for show attendees to unwind after a long day at the show. I’d like to personally thank them for the invitation and for the great food and drink provided!

I am looking forward to the second day of the IMS show and hope to see some of you there. There is usually a good sized contingent of attendees that take advantage of the exhibit only pass on the second day which is a great value. As a regular exhibitor at the show I look forward to the great conversations ahead tomorrow as well as a great finish at the evening event hosted by National Instruments. As engineers we know there is work to be done but that there is also time needed to unwind from the stringent and sometimes exhausting daily activities. Thanks to companies like Keysight and National Instruments for hosting the evening events so that the many engineers in attendance can take some time to mingle, socialize, and have a little fun to top off an exciting day at IMS. Once again, I hope to see you at the show!

4 comments on “IMS2015 – Demo Setup and the First Day

  1. anua684
    May 21, 2015

    thanks for the Amazing information in the post

  2. eafpres
    May 22, 2015

    Hi Jonathan.  Thanks for the nice picture with interesting details.  By going the extra distance with your writing I can get a real sense of being there.

    I wondered if you could describe your demo setups?  It's always challenging to have active demos of complex components so it would be great insight to understand what you set up and how you used it to showcase particular products.

    Thanks again for your detailed account.

  3. jonharris0
    May 26, 2015

    Thank you anua684!  I appreciate the kind words!

  4. jonharris0
    May 26, 2015

    eafpres1, thank you as well for the kind words.  I am glad to hear folks out there enjoy reading about the show.  It is a great show.  I only see the exhibit floor but there are also many great presentations going on throughout the week.

    Thanks also for the question on the demo setup.  I'd be happy to provide some more details on my demo.  I'll put together one more IMS blog to show more about my demo at the show.  I have a photo of the demo station and can go over the equipment/setup that I used.  My personal preference is to make the demo as portable as possible while maintaining a good showcase of the product performance. Stay tuned for more details!

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